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inHERgy | Miss Good Body Goddess Oil

inHERgy | Miss Good Body Goddess Oil

Embracing your inner goddess & feeling sexy is a part of our womanhood, a part of the beauty and power of our femininity. In fact, our ability to find, celebrate and feel our sexiest has implications in so many areas of our lives. Have you noticed that when we women are able to find our sexy, we begin to exude confidence, confidence that spills over into our love lives, professional lives, friendships, family relationships, creative projects, and dreams?


That's where inHERgy, the goddess oil comes into play. It'll not only assist you in attracting beauty (both "in"ternally and externally), but will help "inHERgize" the ladies in search of femininity, embracing their "inHER" erotic goddess, and finding pleasure within their lives. 

Body Bundles: 

Body Bundle) includes both the 8oz wash and 8oz body oil.


  • Dab a little on your wrists, behind your ears, the napes of your neck, the crevices between your thighs, and/or massage into your hands after washing them.
  • It's a highly feminine scent. The fragrance is an in-house fragrance created by our owner.

We're all about sensual vibes! Get into the mood by listening to: 

  • Skin by Tamika J
  • All I by Jill Scott
  • How does it feel by D'Angelo


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