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inHERgy | Miss Good Body Scrub

inHERgy | Miss Good Body Scrub

Embracing your inner goddess & feeling sexy is a part of our womanhood, a part of the beauty and power of our femininity. In fact, our ability to find, celebrate and feel our sexiest has implications in so many areas of our lives. Have you noticed that when we women are able to find our sexy, we begin to exude confidence, confidence that spills over into our love lives, professional lives, friendships, family relationships, creative projects, and dreams?

Smells like: rose, vanilla, raspberry, & amber. think a beautiful meadow garden fit for a goddess.


  • Using your dry hands, scoop a good amount and slather on your skin under water. Always do a skin-test before slathering all over your body and discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • NEVER add water to your body scrub. Water will disrupt the ingredients within your body butter and decrease its shelf-life and may cause mold.

We're all about sensual vibes! Get into the mood by listening to: 

  • Skin by Tamika J
  • All I by Jill Scott
  • How does it feel by D'Angelo


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