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Little Miss Loofah | 100% Cotton

Little Miss Loofah | 100% Cotton

Made from 100% cotton, our Little Miss bath loofah's are super absorbent, durable, and machine washable. it's just the right texture for cleansing in the bath or shower. You also use less soap when using a Little Miss Loofah. Fun, convenient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Our Loofahs are also handmade and measure approximately 4" in diameter and are available only in pink & red colors.

Little Miss Loofah Maintenance Guide:

  • Machine wash on cold with like colors, tumble dry low or air dry (recommended).
  • Wash before using to increase softness and absorbency.

Little Miss Loofah Insuctions on How to Use it best:

  • Wet your loofah first, squeeze out water, and then lather with soap
  • After lather, cleanse your good body and rinse.
  • Make sure to rinse soap out of loofah and squeeze water out
  • Make sure to air dry in-between showers.
  • Enjoy!

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