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Svakom Angel

Svakom Angel

The Svakom Angel is what we call an "intelligent" clit stimulator/vibrator. Why? The Angel has a built-in heating core in that can heat up to 38℃/100°F. This warm touch makes it feel so real when it comes in contact with the human body. You can enjoy hot sex even during the cold winter.

What's more!!!  There are 7 vibrating modes, each with 5 levels of intensity, plus the intelligent mode (only with the APP. Yes, you can operate it from an app), the SVAKOM ANGEL Warming G-spot & Clitoris Vibrator has 36 different ways to bring you intense pleasure!

Charging time - 1 hour

Using time - 3 hours of fun, miss thang!

Waterproof? | You damn, skippy!

Rechargeable or batteries | Rechargeable, babe!

P.S. Our Price is the most affordable in the market!

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